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Rumble in the Bronx—a classic Jackie Chan movie—made my Favorite Films of 1996 list. It’s a film you can see more than once, an example of very honest acting. The moral of the story becomes: stand up and fight for your right to live life to the fullest no matter who/what you currently are. Don’t apologize for limitations or abilities. Move forward in life. This main theme is advanced in the story of Keung (Jackie Chan) who comes to help his uncle run a convenience store in New York City’s The Bronx. The neighborhood, controlled by gangs and crime, gets a good clean-up Jackie Chan style.

Additional Thanks

Great Work for Director Stanley Tong. Thank you to Executive Producers Raymond Chow and Leonard Ho for making the film possible. Good work by Musical Composer J. Peter Robinson. Great job by Script Writers Edward Tang and Fibe Ma. Additional casting includes: Gang Member Tony (Marc Akerstream), Mob Boss White Tiger (Kris Lord), Elaine (Anita Mui), Nancy (Françoise Yip), Uncle Bill (Bill Tung), Angelo (Garvin Cross), and Danny (Morgan Lam).

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