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Spanglish—probably one of the best, well-written scripts of 2004explores familial relationships in a state of flux. It makes no apologies for its complications and effortlessly introduces the audience to better choices when family situations begin to go sour. It’s a forgiving movie as told through the eyes of Hispanic housemaid Flor's (Paz Vega) daughter, Christina (Victoria Luna/Shelbie Bruce). This film becomes an excellent study in choices and how to take a higher road.


Hispanic housemaid Flor (Paz Vega) finds herself in the predicament of mutual attraction between herself and her employer.

Additional Thanks

Great Work for Director James L. Brooks. Thank you to Executive Producers Joan Bradshaw and Christy Haubegger for making the film possible. Additional character/cast include: John Clasky (Adam Sandler), Deborah Clasky (Téa Leoni), Evelyn (Cloris Leachman), Bernice (Sarah Steele), and Georgie (Ian Hyland).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. Excellent adult watch for choosing higher moral paths when the heart pulls another way.

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