THE COBBLER (2014 TIFF Toronto Ontario Canada)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 3.8|5.0 Stars ììì

The Cobbler—new, fresh, innovative—had the potential to become one of the outstandingly good, classic stories of our time. It lost a ton of money in theaters, but had the makings of a ‘sleeper’ film at the caliber of It’s A Wonderful Life. It had all the elements of a top-of-the-line Hans Christian Andersen tale that has just recently surfaced and it lost it all—in its presentation. There is no innocence in the film and that single factor broke this film. The story revolves around Max Simkin (Adam Sandler), a Jewish cobbler who works diligently in the shop inherited from his father. He tries to do well by his customers and passes on good to the persons peopling his life. But, Max’s father never told him about the sewing machine in the basement, what it can do, and how that has impacted the Simkin family over generations of time. The story revolves around Max’s accidental discovery, the challenges brought to him by that discovery, and finishes with a completely unexpected twist that is positively magical. All the right things are present in this movie. It needs to be remade to capture the innocence found in It’s A Wonderful Life or in the 1954 film Hobson’s Choice.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Executive Producer Michael Bederman, Nicolas Chartier, and Zev Foreman for allowing us to see the story. Additional cast includes: Jimmy (Steve Buscemi), Carmen Herrara (Melonie Diaz), Abraham Simkin (Dustin Hoffman), Sarah Simkin (Lynn Cohen), Leon Ludlow (Method Man), and Goldman (Elli).

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Ben Meyers

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