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Transcendence—highly sophisticated, mind twisting, intelligently written, no-fault-found scriptexamines the possibility of achieving utopia via fusion of human and artificial intelligence. A refreshing story that examines a true soul mate love affair between two scientists and the outcome of that profound relationship. Scientist Will Caster (Johnny Depp) and his wife, Scientist Evelyn Caster (Rebecca Hall), develop a computer that thinks and responds due to an interface that relies on the biological transfer of a monkey’s mind into its core processors. When Will suffers a debilitating health issue and is given a month to live, a desperate Evelyn suggests Will’s mind be transferred into the computer instead of the monkey’s mind as a means of preserving her husband’s intelligence. This is successfully accomplished with the help of fellow computer programmer, Max Waters (Paul Bettany). Will’s mind quickly transfers itself into every known computer data bank in the world and begins to transform the world into a place where people are no longer ill, hungry, or lack anything needful for a happy life. But, the adventure becomes threatened and the rapid changes Will makes are halted or, so it appears. The film offers a singularly terrific cerebral journey into possibilities.

Additional Thanks

Best work for Director Wally Pfister. Thank you to Executive Producers Dan Mintz, Emma Thompson, and Christopher Nolan for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Agent Buchanan (Cillian Murphy), Bree (Kate Mara), Colonel Stevens (Cole Hauser), Joseph Tagger (Morgan Freeman), Martin (Clifton Collins, Jr.), and Joel Edmund (Cory Hardrict).

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