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In Search of Israeli Cuisine contains terrific interviews with a wide variety of persons operating within Israel’s food industry. However, the film fails to capitalize on current strengths and seems to search for some future definition that has not yet materialized when, in fact, there seems to be a wide range of already completely defined food types that this country’s rich and long interaction with an entire world of food cultures offers. Perhaps the best definition of Israeli cuisine is: Israel has it all. This fact seems to be ignored as if there is confusion between precisely what is Jewish cuisine versus Israel’s terrifically diverse food offerings. This situation seems to negatively impact the value of this film’s ability to promote Israel as a viable player within the high art of cuisine on an international level.


Michael Solomonov takes his audience on a journey to search for a complete definition of Israeli cuisine while explaining that Israeli cuisine is still in its process of definition.

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Thank you to Director Roger Sherman for directing efforts.

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Yes. While the general conclusion seems to be that Israeli cuisine has not completely defined itself yet, the search for that definition is worth watching as the documentary contains terrific backdrop scenery of Israel as well as a rich offering of Jewish history.

Ben Meyers 

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