NECESSARY ROUGHNESS (Theatrical Release USA 1991)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

Necessary Roughness—good sports story—is a film that can easily be missed and should not be. It works for the money and is a treat for sports and non-sport audiences alike because it touches the human heart as well as uses a fair amount of comedy to break the tension found in many sports dramas. Scott Bakula plays an outstanding main character and is backed with Sinbad, Robert Loggia, Fred Thompson, Rob Schneider, Jason Bateman, Larry Miller, and Hector Elizondo. The movie relies on the typical sports theme of taking a losing team and making it into a winning team. But this story accomplishes that with a few twists and turns that are welcome. Well done adult film with some nudity.

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A man gets a second chance to play professional football.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Stan Dragoti for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Hawk Koch for making the film possible.  Additional characters/cast include: Paul Blake (Scott Bakula), Coach Ed Gennero (Hector Elizondo), Coach Wally Rig (Robert Loggia), Dr. Suzanne Carter (Harley Jane Kozak), Dean Phillip Elias (Larry Miller), Andre Krimm (Sinbad), Chuck Neiderman (Rob Schneider), Jarvis Edison (Jason Bateman), Wyatt Beaudry (Andrew Bryniarski), Featherstone (Duane Davis), Eric Hansen (Michael Dolan), Sargie Wilkinson (Marcus Giamatti), and Lucy Draper (Kathy Ireland).

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