Pink: All I Know So Far (Internet Release USA 2021)

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Pink: All I Know So Far—musical documentary—thoroughly documents Pink’s life offstage while touring. Great interviews, good music highlight Pink’s passion for her profession.

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Documentary shows Pink on the road balancing touring duties with family responsibility.

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Thank you to Director Michael Gracey for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Hoyt Dane, Roger Davies, Tom Pellegrini, and Pink. Additional characters/cast include: Self (Pink), Dancer (Remi Bakkar), Dancer (Khasan Brailsford), Self (Carey Hart), Self (Willow Sage Hart), Dancer (Reina Hidalgo), Dancer (Jeremy Hudson), and Dancer (Tracy Shibata).

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Yes. Terrific documentary that shows life on the road for professional musicians who choose to take their family with them while on tour. Great watch. Shows another side of Pink that is well worth watching.

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