ETs AMONG US 2: OUR ALIEN ORIGINS, ANTARCTICA; MARS AND BEYOND (Film Released Through Prism Pictures USA 2018)

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ETs Among Us 2: Our Alien Origins, Antarctica, Mars and Beyond—an interesting series of concepts—talks about Antarctica, Elon Musk and Mars, and links many topics related to aliens to create a uniquely entertaining film. The movie presents itself in a short documentary format and uses good technique for its interviews while presenting archival footage to support its thesis. One question it does not address is: why are supposedly ancient writings and secret/covert knowledge being revealed at this time and, if the world of people chooses to trade their current understanding of human origin for this theory, what are the implications for future generations? Where is the real benefit becomes a leading question. It seems on the surface that the hypothesis serves more as entertainment rather than impactful information that adds value to the human future.

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An expansion on Aliens Among Us 1. 

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Thank you to Director Cybela Clare for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Cybela Clare for making the film possible. Additional cast include: Richard Dolan, Robert Morningstar, Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope, and Debbie Ziegelmeyer. 

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Maybe. It’s an interesting watch to quickly keep abreast of current thinking and interpretation about aliens and alien sightings.

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