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For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada
—based on true events—recounts the Mexican government’s atrocities against Catholics in its violent 1920s persecution. Mexican President Calles’ (Ruben Blades) historical attempt to eliminate all Catholic religion, deport all foreign-born priests, burn Catholic churches, and kill Catholic parishioners brutally comes to life in this reality-based Mexican civil war film. Good historical rendering of what came to be known as the Cristero War. The only fault in this movie is that it does not properly show the magnitude or the impact of this war. The viewer sees this event through a small group of impacted people and does not really understand that this was a war that reduced Catholic priests from 4,500 strong to about 334 individuals, now licensed by the government, to ‘practice’ in a civil population of more than 15 million persons. The viewer does not understand that over five percent of Mexico’s population fled to the areas around Los Angeles (United States) to escape murder nor does the viewer comprehend how well the United States has functioned as a bastion against religious intolerance as it maintains quite necessary refugee cities for such persons fleeing their own governments. The viewer is not given any appreciation for the fact that the Los Angeles Mexican population is greatly founded from a population with a need to practice their faith in freedom and security without persecution from any political authority. This film is excellent, except for its reduction of a horrific, widespread political persecution to what seems a small scale challenge.

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The Mexican government ruthlessly attempts to eliminate the dominant religious class into subservience to the political authority.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Dean Wright for directing efforts. Thank you to Producer Pablo Jose Barroso for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Tulita Gorostieta (Eva Longoria), Father Vega (Santiago Cabrera), José (Mauricio Kuri), Father Christopher (Peter O’Toole), and Ambassador Dwight Morrow (Bruce Greenwood).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This is a terrific film that tells its story well.

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