PONYO (Theatrical Relase Japan 2008)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 2.8|5.0 Starsìì

Different, fresh, clean. I kind of like Ponyo. It has a certain kindness written throughout the story, a not-quite-definable gentleness that laces the works of Director Hayao Miyazaki. It is not one of his best works, but it starts out well and holds it course throughout with some slow spots (i.e., when a bubble-encased Ponyo (voiced by Noah Lindsey Cyrus) is finally freed by her siblings). The movie contains a few scenes that appear to need more explanation; but overall, this is a great movie for young people. Ponyo definitely made me want to follow more of Director Hayao Miyazaki’s work. Kudos to Noah Lindsey Cyrus and Frankie Jonas for outstanding voicing of dialogue.

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. Despite the lower star rating given this film, the gentleness of this director's stories magnetically draws audiences to his movies.

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