SMALL SOLDIERS (Theatrical Release USA 1998)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 3.3|5.0 Starsììì

Small Soldiers—
some great animation graphics—falls short of its concept. The script didn’t grasp the full potential available for the idea.

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Gil Mars (Denis Leary) of GloboTech Industries desires to make toy action figures that have robotic movement capabilities. Toy engineers, Irwin Wayfair (David Cross) and Larry Benson (Jay Mohr) use GloboTech Industries’ secret government defense technology to create small soldiers who not only have robotic movement capabilities, but also have thinking ability. An initial shipment of these toys is sent to a toy store belonging to the Abernathy family. The store owner’s son, Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith), and the delivery truck driver, Joe (Dick Miller), activate one of the ‘bad’ soldiers, Chip Hazard (voice of Tommy Lee Jones), and one of the ‘good’ soldiers, Archer (voice of Frank Langella). Alan Abernathy’s girl friend, Christy Fimple (Kirsten Dunst), buys the ‘bad’ soldier as a present for her brother. When the store owner’s son takes one of the ‘good’ soldiers home, he finds that the soldier ‘thinks’. Meanwhile, the ‘bad’ soldiers activate in the toy store. When the store owner’s son complains to the toy company, one of the toy engineers finds that the toys have smart guidance systems that can be activated over time. Saving the day rests on the shoulders of the Abernathy and Fimple households as well as the toys’ engineers. 
Additional Thanks

Good Work for Director Joe Dante. Thank you to Executive Producer Walter F. Parkes for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Stuart Abernathy (Kevin Dunn), Irene Abernathy (Ann Magnuson), Marion Fimple (Wendy Schaal), Phil Fimple (Phil Hartman), Ms. Kegel (Alexandra Wilson), and Timmy Fimple (Jacob Smith).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. This animation/live action movie has an interesting twist with the introduction of warring soldiers into the animation formatting which makes the movie rather unique for an animated format. A better watch within a war theme for younger audiences is Last Action Hero.

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