PAULIE (Theatrical Release USA 1998)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

so lovable that it’s worth every bit of the Ben Meyers’ 4.2 Star rating. It deserves every accolade it gets. The concept of a talking parrot is freshly done, such a great idea, and is complimented by Tony Shalhoub skills as an actor. The script is great. It is absolutely a film that works for your family, both children and adults, 10 years of age and up.

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Misha Vilyenkov (Tony Shalhoub), a Russian immigrant, is hired by scientists as a janitor and is shown around the basement of a building by Virgil (Bill Cobbs), another janitor. Misha sees a parrot called a Blue-Crowned Conure in the corner of the basement and asks Virgil about it. Virgil tells him to not mess with him and finishes giving the tour of the basement. Later that day, Misha is polishing a hallway and makes it down to the basement and finds that the parrot can talk and sing some songs. But, this is not any ordinary talking parrot that hears words and repeats words. It can actually talk like a human. Misha tells one of the scientists about the parrot. But, the bird fails to perform in front of the scientist. When Misha is alone again with the parrot, he asks the parrot why it did not talk and the bird tells him why. The film is based on the parrot’s story, why it is in the basement of a science building, and how Misha helps right a serious wrong.

Additional Thanks

Great Work for Director John Roberts. Thank you to Executive Producer Ginny Nugent for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Ivy (Gena Rowlands), Ignacio (Cheech Marin), Dr. Reingold (Bruce Davison), Adult Marie Alweather (Trini Alvarado), Benny (Jay Mohr), Artie (Buddy Hackett), Marie Alweather (Hallie Kate Eisenberg), Warren Alweather (Matt Craven), Ruby and Lupe (voice of Tia Texada), and Lila Alweather (Laura Harrington).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This is a ‘best’ family movie with a lovable storyline. Refreshing.

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