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The Charge of the Light Brigade—Encore! movie—has that terrific Old World flavor with the classic British-style of presentation that features striking actors such as Trevor Howard, Harry Andrews, and David Hemming. Ruthless and uncompromising it tells a difficult story with uncompromising quality that makes it well worth its watch.


A British brigade charges a Russian artillery.

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Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Tony Richardson for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Neal Hartley for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Lord Cardigan (Trevor Howard), Clarissa Morris (Vanessa Redgrave), Lord Raglan (John Glelgud), Lord Lucan (Harry Andrews), Mrs. Duberly (Jill Bennett), Captain Lewis Nolan (David Hemmings), Lieutenant Maxse (Ben Aris), Trooper Metcalfe (Micky Baker), Paymaster Captain Duberly (Peter Bowles) General Scarlett (Leo Britt), Morris (Mark Burns), Trooper Mitchell (John Carney), Lady Scarlett (Helen Cherry) Trooper (Christopher Chittell), and Lieutenant Colonel Douglas (Ambrose Coghill).

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Yes. Every small scene integrates to make this an epic magnitude classic movie. Thank you to all who were involved in its creation and distribution.

Ben Meyers 

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