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Nature Unleashed: Earthquake—tries, but fails—serves up run-of-the-mill fare. Better apocalyptic movies can be easily found with short Internet searches. It is what it is.

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A nuclear power plant is destroyed by an earthquake.

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Thank You to Director Tibor Takács for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Avi Lerner for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Josh (Fintan McKeown), Leon (Patrick Dreikauss), Muddy (Kofi Agyemang), Mr. Reed (Jay Benedict), Miss White (Lydie Denier), Dylan (Damia Hunt), Mikael (Pete Lee Wilson), Emilio (Patrick Monckton), Dr. Rachel Stevens (Jacinta Mulcahy), Cherie (Zoe Thorne), Lydia (Naomi Vekinis), and Viktor (Michael Zeiniker).

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No. The film, unfortunately, is not worth the investment of time or money.

Also known as Earthquake

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