SINATRA BEING FRANK (Video Release USA 2015)

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Sinatra Being Frank—
Frank Sinatra’s life lightly re-examined—does little justice to this legendary musician and his deep contribution to the music industry. The interviews seem ‘thrown together’ without coordination and lack that formal presentation that mark the good documentary. It almost seems that no one had deep interest in re-visiting Sinatra’s life and the documentary is treated as if assigned as a school project without respect or care to the professional presentation. This creates a certain darkness to this documentary that is irretrievable.

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Frank Sinatra’s life, from childhood through late life, receives another documentary-style examination through archival footage.

Additional Thanks

Thank You to A. Simon Napier for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Andrew Crossley, Duncan Napier-Bell, Terry Stone, and Richard Turner for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Alice Cooper), Himself (Tony DeSare), Himself (Paul Gambaccini), Himself (Roger Moore), Narrator (Tony Oppedisano), Himself (Tim Rice), Himself (Louis Walsh), and Himself (Frank Warren).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. For an afternoon fill-in-some-spare-time-81-minute-watch, it’s a quick revisit through the superficial highlights of this legendary musical performer’s life.

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