IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD (Theatrical Release USA 2017)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

In This Corner of the World
—reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki animated films due to its sweet, simple, and gentle storyline—uses Japanese dialogue but provides both English dialogue as well as English subtitle options. The first part of the story can be a little difficult to follow due to lack of smooth transitioning between the time frame where each scene occurs and the chronological change that moves the story along, but the last thirty to forty minutes of the film flows smoothly and transitions well. The voicing is good, character development creates good audience involvement, and the universality of the message is easily digestible without feeling a message is delivered. The story is told matter-of-factly without preaching or placing blame for a horrific event that is part of world history, but happened specifically to the Japanese population. This animation film comes highly recommended as a family watch for the PG-13 crowd. It provides good opportunity for family conversation after watching and stays at the intellectual rather than emotional level for viewing entertainment.

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Suzu (voice of Laura Post) marries and lives her life through the events pre-World War II, the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, and post-war Japan.

Additional Thanks

Thank You to Director Sunao Katabuchi for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Tarô Maki and Masao Maruyama for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Keiko (voice of Kira Buckland), Sumi (voice of Christine Marie Cabanos), San (voice of Barbara Goodson), Shusaku (voice of Todd Haberkorn), Sumi (voice of Megumi Han), Shusaku (voice of Yoshimasa Hosoya), Harumi (voice of Natsuki Inaba), Rin (voice of Nanase Iwai), Michiko (voice of Minori Omi), Akira (voice of Daisuke Ono), Tetsu (voice of Jason Palmer), Suzu (voice of Laura Post), San (voice of Mayumi Shintani), Entarou (voice of Kirk Thornton), and Entaro (voice of Shigeru Ushiyama).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This movie serves its purpose well. Its fine delivery places it into upper class PG-13 family entertainment.

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