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The Nightmare Before Christmas
catches the typical Tim Burton creativeness and presents a classic animated adventure that completely captures the imagination with its strange, peculiar unusualness. This film relies on a filming technique called stop-motion animation where figures are re-positioned to create the illusion of movement when each figure’s new position is filmed in sequence. It is a treat to see this effect as it lends a heightened surreal atmosphere to the movie.  Kudos to Director Henry Selick for catching all the nuances of a Tim Burton story.

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Skeleton Jack Skellington (voice Chris Sarandon) has run Halloween Town’s annual Halloween show for years. This year he really does not desire to run the annual festivities and wanders into a forest where he opens a door into a very different world: Christmas Town. Completely impressed with the uniqueness of Christmas Town, he endeavors to bring its flavor into Halloween Town, but the residents of Halloween Town are unable to grasp the meaning and spirit of Christmas Town due to their long-held environmental filters that focus on the meaning of Halloween. Jack tries to bridge the two worlds only to discover that his own holiday has its own place and value.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Henry Selick for his directing efforts. Thank you to Producers Tim Burton and Denise Di Novi for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Jack Skellington singing voice/Barrel/Clown with Tear Away Face (voice of Danny Elfman), Santa Claus (voice of Edward Ivory), Sally/Shock (voice of Catherine O’Hara), Evil Scientist (voice of William Hickey), Mayor (voice of Glenn Shadix), Lock (voice of Paul Reubens), Oogie Boogie (voice of Ken Page), and Big Witch/WWD (voice of Susan McBride).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This offbeat Tim Burton story shows extreme creativity and unique animation that earns itself the right of purchased tickets. Add to that the value of a good story line and you have a ticket worth buying.

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