AGENT F.O.X. (Theatrical Release CHINA 2015)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 0.5|5.0 Starsì

Agent F.O.X.
—no continuity of storyline—lacks force, has a problem with the voices being well-fitted to the characters, and desperately needs a script rewrite.

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Agent F.O.X. (voice of Shannon Settlemyre), while on the lookout for an artifact, tries to infiltrate the land of the bunnies.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Ge Shuiying for his directing efforts. Additional characters/cast include: Agent F.O.X./Tiny/Longtail (voice of Shannon Settlemyre), Professor Web (voice of Michael Yeager), Elder (voice of Anthony Lawson), Bunny (voice Ashley Bril), Buggy (voice of Matthew Warzel), Booky (voice of Keenan Cromshaw), Old Long Tail (Steve Vernon), Commander/Snoozy/Various Foxes (Marc Matney), Various Foxes/Pink Bunny/Air Ship (Chandler Tucker), and Spikey/Various Foxes (voice of Steve Rassin).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

No. Viewers may have difficulty staying awake during this film.

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