BLANK CHECK * (Theatrical Release USA 1994)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 3.9|5.0 Stars ììì

Blank Check—
explores what would happen to a million dollars if placed into the hands of a twelve-year-old. While there’s nothing new here, the film performs as a simple, straight forward, fair-to-middling afternoon watch for the young teen/adult audience. While the improbability of a young child being able to steal a million dollars and to be enabled to buy the things he bought without detection puts the script in the ‘fantastic happenings’ category, it’s still good story telling and stays true to its purpose.

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Bank robber Carl Quigley (Miguel Ferrer) runs over twelve-year-old Preston Waters’ (Brian Bonsall) bicycle and gives him a signed blank check to take home to his parents to buy a new bicycle. Preston takes the check home and fills in the blank spaces for $1,000,000. He then goes on a $1,000,000 spending spree while Carl Quigley and his accomplices search desperately for Preston and their money.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Rupert Wainwright for his directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producers Blake Snyder and Hilary Wayne for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Shay Stanley (Karen Duffy), Fred Waters (James Rebhorn), Sandra Waters (Jayne Atkinson), Ralph Waters (Michael Faustino), Damian Waters (Chris Demetral), Biderman (Michael Lerner), Juice (Tone Loc), Henry (Rick Ducommun), Butch (Alex Zuckerman), Riggs (Alex Morris), and Yvonne (Debbie Allen).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. It’s a light, fun romp.

* Also known as Blank Cheque

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