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An Extremely Goofy Movie
—sequel to A Goofy Movie—has a great storyline, terrific voice characterizations, and excellent animation. Great entertainment for both the child and adult, this movie works as a terrific child/adult share movie.

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Goofy (voice of Bill Farmer) loses his job and decides to accompany Max Goof (voice of Jason Marsden) to college.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Douglas McCarthy for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Lynn Southerland for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Bradley Uppercrust III/Unemployment Lady/Chuck the Sportscaster (voice of Jeff Bennett), Pete (voice of Jim Cummings), Tank (voice of Brad Garrett), Beret Girl in Café (voice of Vicki Lewis), Sylvia Marpole (voice of Bebe Neuwirth), P.J. Pete (voice of Rob Paulsen), Bobby Zimmeruski (voice of Pauly Shore), Receptionist (voice of Paddi Edwards), Co-Ed/Café Cashier (voice of Kath Soucie), Co-Ed (voice of Jenna von Oÿ), and Co-Ed/Girl at Club (voice of Cree Summer).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. Good entertainment value.

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