DEAR MR. WATTERSON (Cleveland International Film Festival Cleveland Ohio USA 2013)

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Dear Mr. Watterson
—great documentary—tells a little about the overall comic strip world with great comic strip writers interviews. The only downside is the anticipated interview with Bill Watterson, writer of the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip, does not appear in the movie. But, comic strip artists who know Mr. Watterson fill in a few details of this reclusive writer’s drive and style of writing. Director Joel Allen Schroeder directs and narrates this documentary which creates a comfortable, thoughtful setting for audiences to remember how much the weekly and weekend comics contributed to Americana. The movie is worth a watch.

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A Calvin and Hobbes admirer walks through a life-long love of that comic strip as an ode to Mr. Watterson’s work.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Joel Allen Schroeder for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Christopher Browne, Matt McUsic, and Joel Allen Schroeder for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Berkeley Breathed), Himself (Seth Green), Himself (Stephan Pastis), Himself (Bill Amend), Himself (Jef Mallett), Himself (Dave Kellett), Herself (Jan Eliot), Himself (Lee Salem), Himself (Wiley Miller), Himself (Nevin Martell), and Herself (Jean Schulz). 

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. Very good watch for persons who love the comics, especially for those who love Calvin and Hobbs. It’s a good academic explore with some very good personal interviews included.

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