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Garfield Gets Real
serves the child audience well with its simple storyline. The movie does not generate the smiles that the Garfield comic strip does. Knowing this before going prevents disappointment. Now that that is established, the movie moves along fairly well with a predictable story.

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Garfield does not want to be a cartoon strip character any longer.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Directors Mark A.Z. Dippe and Kyung Ho Lee for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Jim Davis for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Sheila/Concertina Girl (voice of Rajia Baroudi), Odie/Shecky/Hale (voice of Gregg Berger), Bonita/Mother/Rusty/Bobby (voice of Jennifer Darling), Eli (voice of Greg Eagles), Delivery Gnome/Sid (voice of Pat Fraley), Nermal (voice of Jason Marsden), Tape Holder (voice of David Michie), Husband (voice of Harold Perrineau), Wally/Charles (voice of Neil Ross), Randy/Father (voice of Stephen Stanton), and Billy/Waldo/Eric (voice of Fred Tatasciore).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This makes good children’s entertainment before naptime or bedtime as it works on a laid-back, quiet story that is suitable fare for all children.

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