THE GATHERING STORM (Television Release UK 2002)

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The Gathering Storm
undulates between almost average to good to average throughout its 96 minutes of viewing time. Albert Finny seems to lack the toughness that belongs to Churchill and that lack leads to a distinct breach of believability. The supporting cast does not adjust itself to enhance his personality as a stronger, more forceful character. Interestingly, the sequel to this movie changes the lead role to actor, Brendon Gleeson, who may be able to capture Churchill’s personality. The story’s timeline does not prepare the audience well enough to place where Churchill precisely is in his political career so that the initial assumption that it begins with him established in the role of England’s Prime Minister creates confusion when an audience backtracks mentally to previous scenes to retell the timeline properly. A better movie about English Prime Ministers is the movie, The Iron Lady.

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Winston Churchill’s vision of Germany’s potential to greatly change Europe before World War II is addressed in this film.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Richard Loncraine for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Julie Payne, Tracey Scoffield, Ridley Scott, and Tony Scott for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Winston Churchill (Albert Finney), Clemmie Churchill (Vanessa Redgrave), Desmond Morton (Jim Broadbent), Ralph Wigram (Linus Roache), Ava Wigram (Lena Headey), Stanley Baldwin (Derek Jacobi), David Inches (Ronnie Barker), Sir Robert Vansittart (Tom Wilkinson), Violet Pearman (Celia Imrie), Ivo Pettifer (Hugh Bonneville), Friedrich von Schroder (Gottfried John), and Brendan Bracken (Anthony Brophy).

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Maybe. Better story is found in the movie Special Relationship about Prime Minister Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) and how he worked with President Bill Clinton (Dennis Quaid).

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