SELMA (Theatrical Release USA 2014)

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Selma chose David Oyelowo as actor for Dr. Martin Luther King. It becomes the perfect choice.  This movie shows a small snippet of Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and deeply draws the courage, devotion, and loyalty required to create that bridge between the dream and the realization of that dream. WOW! Great movie. 

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s involvement at the political level receives a deeper look. 

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Thank you to Director Ava DuVernay for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Christian Colson, Ophrah Winfrey, Dede Gardner), and Jeremy Kleiner for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo), Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo), Annie Lee Cooper (Ophrah Winfrey), Lyndon Johnson (Tom Wilkinson), Lee White (Giovanni Ribisi), Andrew Young (Andre Holland), Bayard Rustin (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), Ralph Abernathy (Colman Domingo), James Orange (Omar Dorsey), Diane Nash (Tessa Thompson), James Bevel (Common), Amelia Robinson (Lorraine Toussaint), Frederick Reese (Roger Mitchell), Edgar Hoover (Dylan Baker), and Mahalia Johnson (Ledisi Young), 

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Yes. This film has been carefully orchestrated to provide not only entertainment value, but also educational value. Provoking and insightful.

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