WATER BIRDS (Theatrical Release USA 1952)

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Water Birds—documentary—shows how several species of water birds gather their food, the kind of food they gather, how mates pick each other, how and where nests are built, how newly hatched chicks are fed, and how parents protect their young. It needs to be longer than its 30 minutes but is a great watch time length for children and provides a gentle view of the balance of nature. The short film has been added to the end of The Rescuers animated movie. Know that the film is getting old and needs a bit of restoration, but it is not so old that it cannot be viewed and enjoyed. Very educational without seeming to be educational. Reconnects people to nature and the earth. Intriguing and insightful, this is a terrific child/adult share. 

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Water birds within their native habits are given close, photographic scrutiny. 

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Thank you to Director Ben Sharpsteen for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Walt Disney for making the film possible. Cast includes: Winston Hibler 

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Yes. This is both interesting and worth its watch. Great, easy-on-the-mind entertainment for children as they can learn the names of a variety of water birds and see their behavioral habits at close range. Terrific camerawork. 

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