METEOR (Theatrical Release USA 1979)


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Meteor—predictable at times, simple watch—features classic entertainers of the 1970s:  Sean Connery, Brian Keith, and Henry Fonda. The movie re-kindles appreciation for their talents. Because there have been so many movies that have followed this particular disaster for earth theme that roots itself in meteor showers, it can be interpreted almost as a ho-hum watch. But, the movie has its merits for its time period.  It serves as an easy-on-the-mind, light afternoon watch. 

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This impending disaster film is about a meteor that has potential to destroy earth. Both Russia and the United States have weapons capable of destroying the threat. The question is whether they will focus on the meteor’s destruction or will they continue to focus on each other’s differences. 

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Thank you to Director Ronald Neame for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Arnold Orgolini, Theodore Parvin, and Run Run Shaw for making the film possible. Cast includes: Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Brian Keith, Martin Landau, Trevor Howard, Richard Dysart, and Henry Fonda. 

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Yes. The best part of this movie is seeing these particular actors working together. It would be a novel and good background movie to run for a party.

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