THE RED BALLOON (Released to Theaters France 1956)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 3.9|5.0 Starsììì 

The Red Balloon—creative short film—needs to be over, long before it’s over. Good editing can shorten this film to half its runtime to make it tremendously more satisfying. This French production makes an audience wonder why the American public school system is so enamored with it so that it is shown as part of an educational curriculum repeatedly. The main character is sweet and does a great deal of running in nearly every scene. But, the metaphors seem distant from the viewing. And the concluding scene is unclear as to its significance.

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A sentient red balloon follows a boy wherever he goes.

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Thank you to Director Albert Lamorisse for directing effort. Thank you to Albert Lamorisse for making the film possible. Cast includes Pascal Lamorisse.

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? Yes? No? Maybe? 

Maybe. Not a bad or terrible film, and completely watchable, but unclear as to significance and meaning. It serves better as a documentation of a decade with its cinematic city scenery, buses, mannerisms of people, costuming, and school system. 

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