OKKO’S INN (Annecy International Animation Film Festival Annecy France 2018)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.1|5.0 Starsìììì

Okko’s Inn has difficulty creating relatability to its characters and seems a bit boring throughout its story. The plotline is jagged and uneven, almost disjointed at times. The idea is great, but it needs smoothing to be a better watch. Still, it is a good visit into other cultures’ interpretation and viewpoint of similar ideas in one’s own culture.


Okko goes to help her grandmother run an inn and finds there are others who are living there besides herself and her grandmother.

 Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Kitarô Kôsaka for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Kazuhiro Asou, Takayuki Hirobe, Kôji Hyakutake, Akiko Inoue, Ray Kamiya, Ryô Karino, Takashi Kawashima, Tsutomu Koganezawa, Takuya Matsushita, Keigo Mito, Kazuhiro Miyawaki, Atsuko Nakamura, Yûichi Oshida, Masahiro Saito, Makoto Shiraishi, Kayoko Suzushô, Satoshi Umetsu, Noboru Yamada, and Nao Yoshida for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast incude: Tateuri Makoto (Voice of Satsumi Matsuda), Akino Miyo (Voice of Rina Ednô), Suzuki (Voice of Etsuko Kozakura), Seki Mineko (Voice of Yôko Asagami), Seki Mineko (Kana Hanazawa), Tajima Etsuko (Voice of Teiyû Ichiryûsai), Minoda Kônosuke (Voice of Masaki Terasoma), Kise Torako (Voice of Fumiko Orikasa), Kanda Akane (Voice of Mikako Komatsu), Kise Shôta (Voice of Masato Tanaka). 

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Maybe. The basic idea is good. Not as interesting as it could have been. 

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