ARE CROOKS DISHONEST? (Theatrical Release USA 1918)

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Are Crooks Dishonest?—silent short film—has good storytelling techniques in place. This short movie takes its audience on a journey that as professionally done as any movie today. Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, and Bebe Daniels entertain the audience. Director Gilbert Pratt shows skillful direction.

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Two conmen try to take advantage of a young woman and her father. 

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Gilbert Pratt for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Hal Roach for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Harold (Harold Lloyd), Miss Goulash (Bebe Daniels), Snub (Snub Pollard), William Blaisdell, Sammy Brooks, Lige Conley, William Gillespie, Old Lady in the Park (Helen Gilmore), Lew Harvey, Charles Stevenson, and Old Man in the Park (Gus Leonard).


Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe? 

Yes. Great work. 

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