CAPTAIN KIDD’S KIDS (Theatrical Release USA 1919)

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Captain Kidd’s Kids—silent short film with a good storyline—backs itself with terrific camerawork and background scenery. It accesses the talents of Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, and Bebe Daniels to portray the story with Hal Roach in the directing chair.

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After a bachelor party a young man has an amazing dream.

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Thank you to Director Hal Roach for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Hal Roach for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: The Boy (Harold Lloyd), The Girl (Bebe Daniels), The Valet (Snub Pollard), Ah Nix (Fred C. Newmeyer), The Girl’s Mother (Helen Gilmore), Servant (Charles Stevenson), Big Pirate (Noah Young), and Pirate Girl (Marie Mosquini) and Small Pirate (Sammy Brooks).

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Yes. A wonderful film to see for an afternoon lunch watch. Not much has really changed from then until now. That is a good life lesson to learn early. This is a simple story told well.

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