ICE GUARDIANS (Northwest Film Festival Edmonton, Alberta Canada 2016)

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Ice Guardians—
a sports documentary—presents a good behind the scenes look at professional hockey. This film at superficial, first glance seems ridiculous in relation to the senseless and brutally shocking violence allowed on the ice. Viewers may be dismayed that current culture desires to be entertained at the Roman gladiator-arena-style of gaming. As the film progresses with its in-depth, professional player interviews one gets a sense that this is a warrior’s game; definitely not a game for the lighter heart. These players not only live and play with serious physical injury, but passionately pursue real life violence. The film becomes one of the better sports documentaries because of its no apologies approach to how this sport currently plays.

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A look at violence within hockey’s professional arena gets an investigation.

Additional Thanks

Thank You to Director Brett Harvey for directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producers Darren Benning, Kelly Chase, Jhod Cardinal, Andrew Holmes, Jimmy Lynn, Rocky Mudaliar, Nolan Pielak, Adam Scorgie, David M. Singer, and Chris Tavlarides for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Jay Baruchel), Himself (Chris Chelios), Himself (Dave Semenko), Himself (Howard Bloom), Himself (Kevin Bloom), Himself (Kevin Westgarth), Himself (George Parros), Himself (Jarome Iginla), Himself (Brett Hull), Himself (Bobby Hull), Himself (Brian McGratton), Himself (Sasha Lakovic), Himself (Clark Gillies), and Himself (Kelly Chase).

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Yes. It’s interesting to see the reaction, reflection, and answers professional hockey players present when asked about violence within their profession.

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