EXPORTING RAYMOND (Austin Film Festival Austin Texas USA 2010)

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Exporting Raymond
details the process involved in exporting the popular United States television series, Everybody Loves Raymond, to Russia. The documentary shows the cultural challenges that creator Phil Rosenthal overcomes as he markets his show outside United States borders. This film performs very well for audiences who liked to love Raymond and for viewers who have interest in finding and melding those universals across cultures that make everyone laugh as one.

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The profitable and long-running television series Everybody Loves Raymond (ran from 1996 through 2005) markets to Russian television as the series Everybody Loves Kostya.

Additional Thanks

Thank You to Director Philip Rosenthal for directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producer John Woldenberg for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Philip Rosenthal), Himself (Peter Boyle), Himself (Stanislav Duzhnikov), First Driver Himself (Eldar), Herself (Anna Frolovtseva), Himself (Boris Klyuev), Sony Vice President-Himself (Jeffrey Lerner), Sony’s Russia Executive-Himself (Artyom Loginov), Production Manager-Herself (Katya Marakulina), Translator-Herself (Marina), Director-Himself (Shaban Muslimov), Himself (Konstantin Naumochkin), Herself (Doris Roberts), and Himself (Ray Romano).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe? 

Yes. The documentary is an excellent intercultural study piece—mind expanding.

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