CUBA AND THE CAMERAMAN (Venice International Film Festival, Venice, Italy 2017)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.6|5.0 Starsìììì

Cuba and the Cameraman—
a winning, re-watchable documentary—follows the lives of persons living in Cuba over the course of 45 years. Cameraman Jon Alpert completes this outstanding documentary and makes a strong historical statement about political policies, their impact on families living at three different society levels, and how people survive when unexpected events occur that negatively impact ability to procure food, clothing, and shelter. The film reminds one of depressions, recessions, war rationing and other tough times that United States populations have survived as well as enhances an appreciation for America’s prosperity and its ability to mechanize many farming tasks, electrify homes, and create adequate sanitation with running water and good sewage/garbage disposal. It’s a WOW, BRAVO, ENCORE film that honestly tells its story through film without a narrator’s interpretation or deliberate manipulationa priceless 114-minute documentary, well worth the time and money to view.

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Cameraman Jon Alpert makes several trips to Cuba over 45 years and camera views Fidel Castro’s political policies as they impact three completely different families and the country itself.

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Thank You to Director and Cameraman Jon Alpert for directing efforts.

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Yes. This is a great piece of work. It is exceptionally valuable because it follows the impact of political policies throughout lifetimes while gently reminding viewers that people will survive despite terrifically difficult obstacles to that survival.

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