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Highlander II: The Quickening—
not much better than its prequel—earns at least one watch based on finishing the series. It serves best as a film running in the background for a party watch and most likely will complete its cycle as a good cult film. Good work for Director Russell Mulcahy.

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Earth’s inhabitants are protected from depletion of the ozone layer by a massive shield that prevents the sun’s rays from killing earth’s inhabitants. When the ozone layer has replenished itself, the corporation receiving income for the shield battles for shield maintenance due to the commercial profit it provides.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Russell Mulcahy for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Guy Collins for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), Ramírez (Sean Connery), Louise (Virginia Madsen), Katana (Michael Ironside), Neyman (Allan Rich), Blake (John C. McGinley), Cabbie (Phillip Brock), Drunk (Rusty Schwimmer), Jimmy (Ed Trucco), Hamlet (Steven Grives), Horatio (Jimmy Murray), Corda (Pete Antico), Reno (Peter Bucossi), Joe (Peter Bromilow), and Doctor (Jeff Altman).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. The series continues with some new characters: Blake (John C. McGinley) and Katana (Michael Ironside). Thanks to all involved in making the movie.

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