LATTE AND THE MAGIC WATERSTONE (Theatrical Release France 2019)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 2.8|5.0 Starsìì 

Latte and the Magic Waterstone seems to be a good concept and it has fair to good animation, but the story is not original and plays on clichés. Unfortunately, a child’s roller coaster at a theme park provides more interest than this movie. The blandness makes it pointless. When making a movie, one should be shooting for that classic that will become a heart treasure for generations to come…that means no message movies. A movie needs to be eventful, meaningful, and well-acted. Many Disney movies were actually B-grade but became family favorites that moved through generations to completely entertain and be treasured over and over again by both children and adults. They never lost timeliness because they were timeless. Children may like this film; adults will likely pass on it. 

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A hedgehog goes on an adventure to stop a serious drought. 

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Thank you to Directors Regina Welker and Nina Wels for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Jan Goossen, Lilian Klages, Jesper Møller, and Thomas G. Müller for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Latte (Ashley Bornancin), Bantur (Danny Fehsenfeld), Lupo (Daniel Amerman), Johnson (Julian Grant), Greta (Leslie L. Miller), Bear Guard (Byron Marc Newsome), Boar’s Mother (Carla Renata), Aken/Rabbit Dad (Eric Saleh),  Rabbit Mother/Ber Mama (Sophie Simpson), Amaroo (Gunnar Sizemore), and Bunny (Paulette Victor-Lifton). 

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No. There are better stories out there. It will be interesting to see more of these directors' future work and how they can improve as a team. But, this movie can be passed over.

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