RUSTLERS' RHAPSODY (Theatrical Release USA 1985)

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Rustlers' Rhapsody—adult themed—orients its unusual humor around some sexual references and plays itself out by capturing the triteness that define the western movie except this movie’s protagonist isn’t present to lead the war against evil but merely finds himself in the middle of a story and runs along with the story as it presents itself. Tom Berenger and G.W. Bailey are exceptionally well cast for this story. However, the choice of Andy Griffith as the antagonist is a difficult pill the casting department asks the audience to swallow. The supporting cast for the main antagonist have been chosen well.

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 A laidback cowboy takes life as it comes, scene by scene.

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Thank you to Director Hugh Wilson for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer José Antonio Sáinz de Vicuñas for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Rex O’Herlihan (Tom Berenger), Peter (G.W. Bailey), Miss Tracy (Marilu Henner), Colonel Ticonderoga (Andy Griffith), Railroad Colonel (Fernando Rey), Colonel’s Daughter (Sela Ward), Jim (Brant von Hoffman), Jud (Christopher Malcolm), Blackie (Jim Carter), Sheepherder 1 and 2 (Paul Maxwell and Manuel Pereiro), Sheepherder’s Wife (Margarita Calahorra), Town Doctor (Billy J. Mitchell), Town Sheriff (John Orchard), and Sheepherder in Saloon (Emilio Linder). 

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 Yes. Trendy romp for adults, filled with innuendos. 

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