STRANDED (Esma YouTube Channel Release France 2021)

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Stranded—animated short film—shows great choice in focus of scenes to tell its story, very professional. It gives a cinematic effect that completely engages eye movement. The introduction of the golden moose creates some confusion and its meaning is not entirely clear until the end of the story . The significance can easily be missed due to the quick passing of the scenes over the shelf’s contents. There needs to be a small timing adjustment to allow thorough realization of the presence of the moose. It takes a second watch and careful care to the final dialogue to catch the significance of the story. There is no lack in ability of the animators. 

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A hunter finds his world rearranged. 

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Thank you to ESMA and YouTube for providing the appropriate platforms to make the short film distributable. Thank you to Alvin Arevalo-Zamora, Alwin  Durez, Quentin Garaud, Maxime Salvatore, and the rest of the team for producing the short film. 

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Yes. To understand this short film, pay close attention to the dialogue at the end. It may require a double watch to understand the full intent of the short film’s title and what has happened to the hunter in relation to the golden moose. 

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