THE WILD GEESE (Theatrical Release United Kingdom 1978)

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The Wild Geese—ride of your life war flick—accesses the talents of three of the best 1970s professional entertainers, Richard Harris, Richard Burton, and Roger Moore. This film makes a lasting impression due to notable acting and a great presentation of story. Earns its watch both in time and money investment. 

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 A group of mercenary soldiers attempt to rescue a South African president from imprisonment.

 Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Andrew McLaglen for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Euan Lloyd, Erwin Dietrich, Douglas Netter, and Chris Chrisafis for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Colonel Allen Faulkner (Richard Burton), Lieutenant Shawn Fynn (Roger Moore), Captain Rafer Janders (Richard Harris), Lieutenant Pieter Coetzee (Hardy Kruger), Sir Edward Matheson (Stewart Granger), Regimental Sergeant Major Sandy Young (Jack Watson), Father Geoghegen (Frank Finlay), Medic Arthur Witty (Kenneth Griffith), Mr. Martin (Jeff Corey), Thomas Balfour (Barry Foster), President Julius Limbani (Winston Ntshona), Sergeant Jock McTaggart (Ronald Fraser), and Sergeant Jesse Blake (John Kani). 

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Yes. This is a high-quality action thriller that deserves its watch. 

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