OUR TOWN (Theatrical Release USA 1940)

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Our Town—simple, artistic classic—follows the rhythm of nature.  It works as a slower paced drama without the drama. The movie tells its story through heavy narration. This format allows a welcome continuity that strictly enforces the story's flow.  There is one scene that begins on a bridge and continues to an ice cream parlor that seems misplaced or, perhaps, unnecessary. But, overall, the movie captures a certain essence of the human spirit that is timeless. At the end of this watch, an audience may be left with the question, ‘Was this a message movie and if it was, what exactly was the message that was supposed to be taken away from it?’

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A small town and its citizens’ way of life get a thorough examination as they move from birth into life and then to death. 

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Thank you to Director Sam Wood for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Sol Lesser for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: George Gibbs (William Holden), Emily Webb (Martha Scott), Mrs. Julia Gibbs (Fay Bainter), Joe Crowell Jr. (Dix Davis),  Mrs. Myrtle Webb (Beulah Bondi), Dr. Frank Gibbs (Thomas Mitchell), Mr. Charles Webb (Guy Kibbee), Si Crowell (Tim Davis), and Howie Newsome (Stuart Erwin). 

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Maybe. The movie needs sound restoration but is still viewable. It has good acting and presentation, but the message/purpose may seem a bit difficult to follow. 

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