WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (Theatrical Release USA 2009)

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Where the Wild Things Are—creative, great acting, good portrayal of story, orderly presentation—seems pointless, without purpose, almost too complicated for the 7-year-old audience It was created for. It repeatably asks ‘why is this story important to see?’ The wild things, very realistic. It is unclear if the Wild Things are fabrications of Max’s mind or tangible characters from another multiverse endeavoring to help him. On the downside though their personalities are not likable or relatable. The exit of the movie vacuums out the essential essence of the story. The movie becomes a good watch for audiences who are fans of the book Where the Wild Things Are. 

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A troubled boy runs away from home and sails a small boat to an island where he makes discoveries about real life. 

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Thank you to Director Spike Jonze for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Maurice Sendak, John Carls, and Vincent Landay. Characters/cast include: Max (Max Records), Connie (Catherine Keener),  Adrian (Mark Ruffalo), Claire (Pepita Emmerichs), Max’s teacher (Steve Mouzakis), Claire’s friends (Max Pfeifer, Madeleine Greaves, Joshua Jay, Ryan Corr), Carol (Voice of James Gandolfini), KW (Voice of Lauren Ambrose), Douglas (Voice of Chris Cooper), Ira (Voice of Forest Whitaker), Judith (Voice of Catherine O’Hara), Alexander (Voice of Paul Dano), Bernard (Voice of Michael Berry, Jr.), and Bob/Terry (Voice of Spike Jonze). 

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Yes. There is a sense of darkness that overlays the movie that is difficult to relate to. But the story is put together nicely, and the acting is great. 

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