TREASURE ISLAND (Theatrical Release USA 1950)

 Ben Meyers’ Rating: 3.3|5.0 Starsììì

Treasure Island—stylized, formulative writing and dialogue—sadly presents its story with exceptionally child-like acting. Child actor Bobby Driscoll is perhaps the best actor in the movie but it’s incomprehensible that the adult actors act in the manner this film allows them the latitude to do. Because of the acting, the movie is not likeable, seems disorganized, and pointless.

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A young boy acquires a treasure map and he, along with two respectable men, board a ship with the purpose of locating the treasure. 

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Byron Haskin for directing efforts. Thank you to Walt Disney and Perce Pearce for making the film possible. Cast includes: Bobby Driscoll, Robert Newton, Basil Sydney, and Finlay Currie. 

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe? 

No. The film has become dated and the stylization stiffens its presentation. The movie may work as an academic study in techniques used to reproduce classic novels but does not warrant a time and money investment. 

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Ben Meyers

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