FIRECREEK (Theatrical Release USA 1968)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

—James Stewart and Henry Fonda—doesn't have a lot of story to work with and follows a very traditional western storyline theme.  For what it is, western audiences will enjoy the movie. It has good presentation and relies on a terrific, recognizable western cast. This movie has amoral and suggestive scenes with an especial focus on violent intentions toward women.

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An honorary sheriff decides to fight for law and order in a small western town.

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Thank you to Director Vincent McEveety for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Phillip Leacock and John Mantley for making the film possible. Cast includes: James Stewart and Henry Fonda. 

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Yes. The movie runs on amoral treatment of women, violence, and cowardness of evil people. But the acting of James Stewart is good as he struggles to establish justice and the courage to fight injustice. The movie has a human earthiness that repeats itself through the scenes that will completely satisfy the western movie fan.

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