THAT DARN CAT! (Theatrical Release USA 1965)

 Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.0|5.0 Starsìììì 

That Darn Cat!—perfect example of an age of innocence that has been bypassed—presents such a welcome, honest and clean presentation, that it makes one wonder, ‘What happened?’ The world, as it reflects entertainment, has gone through a major change in personality and outlook on life. One wonders if there is a way to make it back to this kind of entertainment…it feels clean and good…like one feels after a good, long bath and watches the dirty water swirl down the drain. Besides that, the film is just a good watch and has plenty of value left as an entertainment piece. It’s an all-around good, family film that features Halley Mills and Dean Jones. It reminds one of the early days when Walt Disney was still alive and directing his business. This film needs to be watched to remind us of where we used to be in thought and choice of entertainment. 

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A cat searching for a good salmon snack incidentally follows a robber to his hideout where a kidnapped woman is held hostage. She slips her watch on the cat’s neck with the partial letters of HELP scratched on the back and turns him loose so he can go back to his owner. The cat's owner intuits that the watch belongs to the missing woman and goes to the FBI for help. 

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Thank you to Director Robert Stevenson for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Walt Disney, Bill Walsh, and Ron Miller for making the film possible. Cast includes: Hayley Mills, Dean Jones, Dorothy Provine, Roddy McDowall, Frank Gorshin, and Neville Brand. 

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Yes. WOW! The movie more than earns its watch. It’s wonderful to see the cleanliness of mind and the innocence of thought as presented in this story. It’s nice to see date nights that do not automatically turn into one night stands. 

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