THE TRAIN ROBBERS (Released to Theaters USA 1973)


Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.1|5.0 Starsìììì 

The Train Robbers—not high quality in execution—has a likeableness that keeps its audience watching to the conclusion. Watch for the surprise conclusion that defines the title of the movie and provides an ironic twist to the story. All actors are engaged in their roles which makes the movie work at a higher level than it could have worked. The film is a good watch for an academic study of John Wayne, as it is one of his later works, or a study of Ann-Margret’s extreme level of screen presence (charisma). Also, watch for Ben Johnson’s solid presence. He provides stability and increases realism in movies he is cast in. Despite its age, this is a good watch for western fans and provides a satisfying entertainment experience. 

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A thief’s widow hires a gun hand and his crew to help her retrieve her husband’s stolen valuables.  

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Thank you to Director Burt Kennedy for directing efforts. Thank you to Producer Michael Wayne for making the film possible. Cast includes John Wayne, Ann-Margret, and Rod Taylor. 

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Yes. This is a fun watch and tells an interesting story with a nice twist in its conclusion. The horses, as usual in the westerns, are constantly galloping to provide ‘action and movement’ so important in creating that sense of urgency. But in this film, one may wonder when some horses will windbreak and be unable to run. The scenery is great. There is a bit of the Italian-western in the introductory credit roll. Good work for all involved in production. 

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