HIS FAVORITE PASTIME (Theatrical Release USA 1914)

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His Favorite Pastime—cute, a little edgy—is one of the better Charlie Chaplin silent, short films. Exceptionally well acted and portrayed storyline. It works as a good adult entertainment piece.

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A pretty woman is followed home by a drunk.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director George Nichols for directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producer Mac Sennett for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Drunken Masher (Charles Chaplin), Shabby Drunk (Roscoe Arbuckle), Wife (Peggy Pearce), and Husband (Frank Opperman), Servant (Helen Carruthers), Drinker (Hampton Del Ruth), Billy Gilbert (Shoeshine Boy), Shoeshine Customer (William Hauber), Bartender (Bert Hunn), Servant (George Jeske), and Tough Guy (Edgar Kennedy).

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Maybe. It’s a simple, playful, and funny slapstick movie written for adults.

Also Known As: His Favorite Pastime

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