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Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild—computer animation—bases its story on a video game. The game is not one of the more popular video games so an audience may need to read a quick plotline before viewing to understand the story. Unfortunately, the character development appears shallow, the storyline does not provide enough information to understand the why behind some action scenes, the acting is dry, and the Aiden character a bit annoying at times. The story’s theme works thinly with no depth or richness. This movie seems made for the teen/adult audience.

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 A village needs the appearance of a hero to save it from a threatening dragon.

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Thank you to Director Steve Yamamoto for directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producers Haruhiro Tsujimoto and Joshua Wexler for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Aiden (voice of Dante Basco), Lea (Voice of Erica Lindbeck), Julius (Voice of Brando Eaton), Genovan (Karen Strassman), Nox (Voice of Stephen Kramer Glickman), Elder Daazel (Voice of Katie Leigh), Navid (Voice of Brian Beacock), Nadia (Voice of G.K. Bowes), and Mitul (Voice of Jay Preston).  

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No. There are better monster films than this film such as the 1998 American version of Godzilla with Matthew Broderick.

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