GAMERA VS GUIRON (Theatrical Release Japan 1969)

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Gamera Vs Guiron shows a slightly more attractive, modernized version Gamera. In its own way, this Gamera film is better than the last three films and is nearly as good as the first film in the series. Other than a few scenes, this movie works more as a child/adult share than previous films in the series. The acting is good; portrayal is okay. The next film in the series is Gamera Vs. Jigar.

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Gamera fights Guiron. 

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Thank you to Director Noriaki Yuasa for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Hidemasa Nagata for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Akio (Nobuhiro Kajima), Tomoko (Miyuki Akiyama), Tom (Christopher Murphy), Kuniki (Yuko Hamada), Dr. Shiga (Eiji Funakoshi), Kondo (Kon Ohmura), and Mother (Edith Hanson). 

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Yes. Gamera movie fans will not be disappointed.

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