WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR (Television Release 2015)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

illiam the Conqueror—documentary-styled short movie—places shallow investigation of William’s life throughout the film almost as if not enough research was done on this historical figure or the information is lacking. The movie orders itself well. The casting of Vincent Deniard for William seems a bit awkward but interesting.

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William becomes the conqueror of England and Normandy. 

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Thank you to Director Frederic Compain for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Isaac Partouche Characters/cast include: Professor of Medieval Latin, University of Caen, Lower Normandy/Self (Pierre Bouet), Professor of Medieval History, University of Caen, Lower Normandy/Self (Francois Neveux), Director General and Master of the Royal Amouries, Leeds/Self (Edward Impey), Professor in Medieval History, University of Reading/Self (Lindy Grant), William (Vincent Deniard), and Taillefer (Eric Challier) 

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Yes. For a simple, brief overview of William’s life, the movie/documentary works; but, be aware that the first part of the film tells the story and everything after that is just reiteration.

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