GRAND-DADDY DAY CARE (All Media Release USA 2019)

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Grand-Daddy Day Care—third installment of the Day Care series—needs a boost in presentation. It is difficult to understand how the movie made it to the production stages. Unfortunately, the film falls flat at the junctions where it should have garnered the most comedy. 

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Writer’s block hinders a writer’s ability to provide well for his family. He decides to open a senior day care center. 

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Thank you to Director Ron Oliver for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Mike Elliott for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Eduardo Hernandez (Danny Trejo), Frank Collins (Reno Wilson), Emma Collins (Roxana Ortega), Gabe (Hal Linden), Blanche (Linda Gray), Big Lou (George Wendt), Millie (Margaret Avery), Bonnie (Julia Duffy), Dynamite Dan North (Barry Bostnick), Arnold (Garrett Morris), Walter (James Hong), Ned Tooley (Alec Mapa), Jordan Collins (Anthony Gonzalez), Judge Littles (Carl Howard), and Bev (Mara Marini). 

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Maybe. If a fan wants to finish the Daddy Day Care series, this is the third film in the series. The best in the series is the first movie Daddy Day Care. The ‘okay’ second movie is Daddy Day Camp. This movie, Grand-Daddy Day Care, does not match the story value of each of the first two movies despite its terrific potential. 

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