HEROES: SILENCE AND ROCK AND ROLL (Internet Release Spain 2021)

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Heroes: Silence and Rock and Roll—Spanish documentary—shows a complete story of a Spanish rock band: Heroes Del Silencio that started in 1984,  ran to 1996, and then made a comeback in 2007 for a 20th anniversary appearance. The movie is a little hard to follow as the individual characterization is not as well presented as the group characterization. This makes it difficult to follow the band mates’ names as well as the persons who were involved in their rise to fame. The movie is in Spanish with great English subtitles. It is an interesting documentary to follow to see the similarities in musical artists’ work effort as it relates to other internationally known groups.

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The story of a Spanish musical group and their path to fame. 

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Thank you to Director Alexis Morante for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Miguel Angel Lamata for making the film possible. Cast includes: Pedro Andreu, Enrique Bunbury, Joaquin Cardiel, and Juan Valdivia. 

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Yes. The movie shows the realistic lifestyle, the hard work, the dedication, and the venues even the most well-known of groups will play to gain an international audience. 

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